10 techniques to improve your Websites conversion with minimal expense

Getting a better conversion from your website is very important. Why? Because your conversion rate is measured by the number potential visitors who are going to buy your products or services. Many website owners focus solely on to bring a lot of visitors to the site but they hardly focus on making that visitors to buyers. This problem can be solved by making some simple changes to their existing site or layout which will have a huge impact on overall conversion rate of the website.

Below is 10 techniques to improve your sites conversion with minimal expense.

1. Make it easy for Users – Make it easy for the user to use the site. It sounds pretty simple but there several elements in the design which make the visitors difficult to use the website, like for example, accessibility of your website, browser compatibility and finally the usability of the site. A potential visitors always look for more information about the products and services before they make a purchasing decision. Things like these can reduce the chance reduced sales from your website.

2. Value your Users Time – Time is important for everyone. If you website have too many complicated questions and hard to find things what the visitors is looking for is making the visitor to waste their time. This means scaring your visitors away. Some of the common mistake are asking too much information which is not required, having several steps to take action, important information are not able to find it easily etc.

3. Be honest to the user – Most people are very cautious about online transactions and giving out information online. So you need to keep them honest to increase your conversion for example having physical address, a valid phone number and some online trust certificates will increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of the user and increase your conversion rate.

4. Have a clear Return Policy/Privacy Policy – As I said above online customers always need to trust you so make clear everything in your return policy if you are having a e-commerce kind of site or privacy policy if you are collecting a lead. Online visitors don’t like their personal information being distributed to others. Also make these link to these pages easily accessible for example on a product page you can find return policy easily it can increase conversion as well as on the contact us form if you have privacy policy prominently placed can increase the conversion rate.

5. Multiple ways to reach you – All online visitors are not alike they are different in their approach as well as the online behavior is different too. They user different ways to reach you or find information on your website. Some online buyers like to talk before they buy other prefer email communication etc. So user multiple ways like live chat, phone number in all pages, contact us page easily accessible, forums if they want to discuss about your products and a blog as well to community with the user. Offering multiple ways to communicate increase your conversion rate.

6. User Reviews – This technique applies to ecommerce sites if users can provide honest opinion about your products through user review it will help the new users to read these opinions and make a decision. As testimonials increase your credibility users review will increase the chances of increasing your conversion rate. Provide a place for users to give their feedback about your products.

7. Discount Codes and Coupons – Discount coupons are not a new concept, shopper offline has always been enthusiastic about discount coupons because it helps them to have a substantial saving on their budget. Recently online discount coupons and promo codes has gain rapid importance. Today most of the ecommerce sites uses promo codes to increase their sales. Also there are several places online where you can promote your online discount codes. If you use Google local listing they also allow you have promo code for your business. These extra steps with online discount codes can increase your conversion as well.

8. Pricing Strategy – Again this is more relevant to ecommerce related sites because most of the online buyers are not aware of their shipping and handing cost until they reach the check out stage. If you could offer shipping calculators or a page specifically for shipping with all the cost details the customers would have a clear idea how much it is going to cost them before they buy. A good pricing strategy will always increase the conversion rate of your ecommerce site.

9. Tracking with Analytics – Imagine a football team coach, coaching a team without keeping a track of which strategies worked and didn’t work to beat the competition. This is the same with if you didn’t use a web analytic tool to track the activities on a website. Several website owners loose many opportunities to increase leads and sales because they fail to track and have a strategy to increase their ROI. In addition tracking the site through analytics will also tell why they are buy and why they are not. Web Analytics are also the key to reducing shopping cart abandonment rate. Use web analytics to measure the drop off in the sales funnel or buying process.

10. Website Testing – Not all websites are perfect it takes time and effort to make a website work. Now a days there are tools to test your website to find which one works and which didn’t work. Using tools like Google website optimizer you can test each every page of your website and see which layout or changes in design element got your the maximum sales. You can test anything on a website using these tools and see which one work better for you and increase your ROI.

There is no better way to increase your conversion of your website than doing nothing. Start right now, the more you experiment with your website the more you will learn and more opportunity to improve the conversion of your website. Testing these techniques on your website and constantly tracking them will see improvement and increase in your ROI.

Which conversion techniques worked for your websites? Please feel free to leave that in the comments.

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