20 Top Call to Action Phrases to increase conversion on a website

Call to action is text/button/banner which will tell visitors to take an action on the website. Call to action comes in different forms it may be a heading, a button which stands out, a text link or a banner all of these will communicate your value proposition. Have you wondered why some of the best brands achieve the best conversion? That’s because they use call to action on day to day basis to grab the attention of the visitor online.

Creating urgency through call to action phrase is an important and effective method to increase conversion since the time frame in the call to action makes the visitors to respond quickly, since it will benefit the visitors if they respond to the action in a timely manner.

Below I have come up with Top 20 call to action which can be used either on a website or on a PPC ad which will increase the conversion rate.

1) Click Here  The most common and widely used phrase and the most effective in terms of conversion.

2) Call Now   Converts better if you have made your website telephone number prominently on your website next to the CALL NOW phrase.

3) Buy today   This Call to action phrases increases urgency on the part of the visitor to take action.

4) Register now  Converts better if you have kind of membership site or a newsletter.

5) Free shipping  Ideal for e-commerce web sites also works great during the holiday online sales.

6) Contact now This call to action phrase works well with a contact us form or email.

7) Get a free trial   If you have a Free Trial like 14 day or a 30 day it is better to highlight to the visitors on the website. Most probably the free trial version can be a full subscriber if you have this offer.

8) Buy now  Buy Now works well with a button also can be phrased out as order now.

9) Sign-up now  Works better membership sites and newsletter sign-ups.

10) Offer expires   This call to action needs immediate action on the part of the visitors. Also it works better if you add actually date to the offer.

11) Satisfaction guaranteed  Tell about the quality of the product also this call to action works well inside the heading of the AD of the Web page.

12) Best value  A “top rated” or “best value” label would be very effective in your Ad description.

13) Limited Availability/Limited Time Only This call to action again generates urgency on the part of the customers to take action soon.

14) Free Consultation  Often if you have free in your call to action is to contact you for an assessment, this is a great opportunity to convert the free consultation into buying your services.

15) Reserve Now This works well with travel and hotel industry because it creates the urgency to reserve when it is available.

16) Request for Free Quote  Free quote or Free Estimate phrase is a perfect all to action for insurance, home improvement kind of websites.

17) Money Back Money Back Guarantee” is a common phrase among car and vehicle dealers. This work better if you add like 90-Day Money Back Guarantee in your call to action phrase.

18)Talk to an Expert  If you are using a web chat “Talk to an Expert”.

19) Immediate Download   A perfect call to action for software related website. Customers are looking to get immediately after their purchase.

20) Easy to use  Is a call to action most used for software interface kind of applications. Like where application doesn’t any extra skill sets to use it.

I have added few more other phrases which if used properly can see awesome conversion results on your website.

26) Join Now

27) 5 days only

28) No Experience Necessary

29) Start Now

30) No fees

31) Free guide

32) Certified Expert

The bottom line that I have found that being creative in your call to action and staying one step ahead of the competition is crucial to increase your website conversion.

If you think any other call to action phrases is missing in this list, please feel free to put that on the comment.


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    One thing that’s missing from this list is click-to-call. Why ask your visitors to dial a number — and open up the opportunity for distraction, interruption, looking for a pencil, whatever — when adding this to the webpage is a no-brainer if you use a service like IfByPhone.

  3. says

    In addition to “Click to Call” button, you may want as well to consider a “Click to Save for Later” or a “Click to Share with Others” button … you’ll get up to 20 more actions :-) … what is important it to offer the user the action he is more likely to do … in order to start engaging him. He may want to save your product/service/web first .. then contact you … then recommend you … this is permission marketing and it’s very powerful.

  4. says

    The information given by you is very good, it will help for freshers who are trying to get some call for action phrases….

  5. says

    There is some very useful information in this post. Instead of “Click to Save for Later” button as read in a comment, a “bookmark this site” or something like this would work better IMO.

  6. says

    Also helps to list the step # on the page. For example, if you’re on step #2 or 4, make it clear at top and next button can say “GoTo Step #3 of 4″.

  7. says

    This is a very interesting list however and sorry to be a bit specific i thought a call to action as the name implies has to contain a verb or action so free shipping in itself wouls be a call to action as such where order now and get free delivery would be.

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