Building Correct Internal Linking to Strengthen your Ranking

Internal Links for a website is very important as inbound links from other website this one of the most important aspect often people forget. Because internal links with right anchor text gives relevant to your business. The other important value to internal links from the users point of view is they can navigate the page to find more information to the anchor text you have linked.

The process of internal link building is called link sculpting which help search engine bots to find which are the most relevant pages of your website.

Here are some of the do and don’t of creating internal links


1. Do including your most relevant key phrases while adding internal links
2. Target long tail keywords of your business in the anchor text
3. Deep Link to pages try to link to pages which are hidden deeper inside the site.
4. Add no follow to link which are less important on your site like privacy policy, contact us page and Terms of conditions.

1. Using a non-relevant anchor text
2. All internal link to the homepage instead of spreading out linking to all the pages.
3. Over use of on page links don’t use more than 3 contextual links on one web page.
4. Using bold text to each inbound links
5. Opening the links in a new window which will annoy the users
6. Using the same color of the text for the hyperlinks which is also not a good usability for the user.

Also just adding a lot of links just for the sake of internal link doesn’t help. You need to measure or analysis the effort you have done with your internal link structure by check with analytic of your site.

Implement these Internal link building strategies to increase your ranking in search engines.

Please Leave your experience with internal link structure in the comments.

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