6 local search marketing tips for local businesses

Ranking your website above the SERPs for relevant keywords is key to any successful search engine optimization. Especially if you need to optimize for local search results getting your domain listed for the top 10 local search results will make a big difference. Local internet marketing is a very affordable method where you get targeted visitors for your business. Compared to organic ranking, local search marketing can achieve results much faster.

1) Keyword placement – Using the right keywords of your business. When you list your business for local search engines instead of using your business name use you main keyword phrase in the title of the listing. Also use major keywords in your description of the listings as well as under specialty or expertise fields.

2) Use you local address – Also use the local address while optimizing for local search marketing. One of the particular attention that search engines likes is the proximity of the address used in pages you are listing. Try to use your local telephone number for your local search marketing link building. emarketingmatador.com has a great list of directories for an effective local search marketing link building check them out.

3) User Review are important – Reviews always helps increase your conversation of your website. I don’t suggest to get fake reviews. Once you have successful completed your project of your clients ask them about giving an review for you in local search engine listings. Don’t try to fake user reviews. Visitors can easily identify a fake review from an genuine one and smart enough not to buy from you.

4) Display Images/Videos РNow local search engine listing allows you to have images, logos and even videos. Take advantage of these features while listing your business with google local and yahoo local. Logos and images will increase credibility  and branding. You can upload of your business premises picture as well. If you have a good marketing video upload that as well. Online videos spending has increase because online video drives engagements which will help you to accomplish your primary marketing objective of showing your unique selling proposition to increase your online leads and revenue.

5) Linkbuilding with local directories – Link Building is key for local search marketing, because local search listing is based on the weight of the backlink each site is gained. Check out your competitors in the local search listing and identify from where they are getting their local link juice identify those pages and try to get listed there. Try different cities and different niches and see from where they are getting those listings and get listed there.

6) Keep you business information up to date – Update your address and phone number in the local directories up to date. Most often we don’t keep track of directories/website where we submit the website, It is always useful to have a spreadsheet and add the listing when ever you make a submission.

If any of you have any other tips on local search marketing please provide that on the comments.

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    Video really helps. We do a lot of local “area pages” and they work really well, especially for services such as plumbers or electricians. Definitely worth doing, and the conversion should be a lot better with local search.

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