Thomson Chemmanoor

My Name is Thomson Chemmanoor, Online Entrepreneur, SEO Expert and Adwords Consultant specializing in online marketing . I have over 12 years of internet marketing experience specialize in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Google Adwords Campaign Management, Web Design and Development, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

Thomson has the online and offline marketing know-how to produce fast results.

I started learning SEO in 1998 with my first website completely coding using notepad. I remember the days when none of the business owners never heard about SEO and no one was looking for it. And it was easy to rank website those days because of less competition but today things have change Google has become a major search engine with 67% of search traffic and rest followed by Bing and Yahoo. Things have changed since then Google has change their algorithm more often and it is getting harder and harder to rank website if you don’t follow the best practices to rank your website.

In addition to my full time SEO and Adwords Consultant I teach SEO And how to manage paid search campaign through my weekly video blog and my online SEO & Adwords Training course. I have a huge passion for helping people succeed. I believe with the right training and direction, I can help small business owners and people who want to have their website rank successfully.

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