How to Improve your Google Adwords Campaign Performance

Improve adwords erformance

Launching your adwords marketing campaign causes you a strong feeling of excitement and happiness. I remember the first Google pay per click campaign I started way back in Dec 2005 when I was given to manage the companies PPC account  which my boss started himself with a limited knowledge of PPC. I after lots of reading, hanging in around the forums I was able to make my company’s ad campaign not only profitable but also reduce the Cost per click for most of the keyword I would have not able to do that without tweaking what I learned from others at that time.

You have been working hard to get your Google adwords campaign to get the maximum ROI but chances are that you would be doing much better with few simple things you can do to quickly improve the performance of your AdWords Campaign.

Optimizing for Mobile

In the past most of the Adwords marketers are familiar with targeting for only desktop users but with the new Google adwords release of their enhanced campaigns it make it easy for users to manage and measure the results for mobile for the search paid ad campaign.

With the increase in mobile search usage and growing traffic to website from mobile devices you shouldn’t miss out on ensuring that your Google Adwords campaign is optimized for mobile users.

You can create better ads by understanding the uses context also mobile ad features like click to call action as well.

google mobile ads

Use Ad Extensions

Extensions can make your Google adwords ads more  compelling and will improve your campaign performance. With the new Google update for their Adwords ads rank algorithm it has change then how your ads are positioned on search results and how much it is going to cost. In Short, if you are using ad extensions correctly you might see that your ad will have a better placement and low CPC.

Picking the right extensions would be tricky since it determines your ad rank Erin Sagin from Wordstream has a ad extensions cheat sheet called Google AdWords Ad Extensions Cheat Sheet.

Updating your Negative Keyword List

Identifying the negative keywords is crucial to all Google adwords campaign success. It ensures that you’re not bidding on keywords that is not relevant to you and leads to lot of dollars wasted on unwanted clicks.

Coming up with an initial keyword list is a pretty easy task but you need to find other ways to help you find the keywords which is costing you money and low CTR.  There are number of common negative keywords list if you search for negative keywords in Google. Here is couple of them 200+ negative keyword list PPC hero’s super duper list.

Secondly if you are familiar with search query report in adwords you can create a report of all the search terms that users clicked on your add if some of the keywords have higher impression then you need to look into that as a negative keywords and to your negative keywords list.

Uncompelling Ad Copy

Creating an ad copy is an art it should give the searcher a compelling and interesting reason to click on your ad. Create ads that highlight your product and services like the main features which will stand out from the rest of the competition. Adding your price and exclusive promotions would be give the searchers to help to make better purchasing decision. I have seen ads that doesn’t include the main keyword in their title or description of the ad. Brian Dean from Quick Sprout has a great video about how to write great adwords ad copy. Another idea is to check on the competition ads and use some of the elements from their adwords ad copy. Another quick tip is to add a call to action on your ad to compel the user to click on your ad.

I hope you like the tips about how to improve your Google adwords campaign performance. These tips is easy to implement and will provide you with great results.

To really get great ROI from your adwords paid campaign you really need to tweak your campaign to get the maximum out of it. So, what are the other change you think will increase your adwords campaign performance?


  1. Mark Burado says

    Adding the negative keywords is one of my best tips to improve your adwords. Recently after reading one of your blog post I updated by negative keywords list my click through rate sky rocketed as well as I am now getting targeted traffic to my site now.

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