Keywords Density Does it really Matter in Search Engine Optimization?

This question is been asked several times by SEO but so far there is no clear answer to how much percentage of keyword should we use to optimize a web page content. There are several tools out there to find the keyword density of a web page but what is the real answer to how much keyword do we need to use on a certain amount of words in a page.

When I think about keyword density my thoughts is that we need to have keywords density but don’t overdo or under do it. As we all know content is what really matters at to search engines and the human visitor. But if you have content which doesn’t have any topic then it is of no help both from the search engines point of view as well as in human eyes. That’s where keywords come in. The whole idea of having keywords more than once is because that makes that particular page is relevant to a certain niche.

Saying said that, keywords density is important but it should be written in such a way that it shouldn’t look like it is stuffed. While optimizing a web page content a SEO copywriter needs to keep in mind that the content he is writing should appeal to both search engines and website user.

Here are some points a SEO copywriter need to focus while writing a SEO optimized content for the web.

1) Focus on one keyword theme and write the content just based on that theme instead of just repeated the keywords several times on the heading of the web page till the footer of the content.
2) Do through keywords research before planning to write the content. So that you get more keyword ideas to chip in to the content as well as you would be able to enlarge your content because of you are armed with more keywords that can add more content.
3) Try to use more long tail keywords more often inside your content it not only reduce keyword stuffing as well as your web page can draw more long tail keywords traffic.
4) Add your keywords phrases where it really matters in places like Meta Title and Meta description also on the heading of the web page.
5) No traffic is great if it didn’t really convert at the end of the day. So just writing content for the sake of it is not going to work for your favor. Instead writing interesting and compelling which users are hunger for.



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